What do you get a ten-year-old for his birthday?

It’s the I.V. Lounge Reading Series’ 10th anniversary today. Pull out your foil party hats and loot bags!


Jim Johnstone, Paul Vermeersch, Colin Carberry, Karen Press, Rick Crilly, Jacob Scheier, Adrienne Weiss, Rabea Murtaza, John McFetridge and myself.

The I.V. Lounge Reading Series has been running from 1998 – 2008 and still going strong, featuring emerging and established writers, poets and fiction writers.

The Captains of the I.V. Lounge

The captains, past and present, of the I.V. Lounge Reading Series: Alex Boyd and Paul Vermeersch.

(Photo: Dani Couture)

Open Book Toronto also posted photos from the evening.