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Good Meat

“Dani Couture’s first poetry collection Good Meat, explores a world of inescapable shared physicality: “unable to tell / what difference between animal and woman, steel cuts both / with the same blind instinct. Couture’s observational free verse poems are precise, taut with meaning, and quietly filled with curiosities of fact and phrase that may prompt scurrying to reference materials (Really? The whale exploded? In downtown traffic?). Her symbols reveal owners via their objects, and consider both owners and objects through the thematic proscenium of meat. Vignettes of hunting, travel, family, intimacy, and appetite suggest the skills needed to survive them: “if only someone had cared enough / to teach me how to filet what’s offered / to the size of my hunger. In Good Meat, flesh is the site of self, a source of nourishment, and a host to disease. It comforts and challenges, grows and decays.”

–Books in Canada

For your own personal serving, you can order Good Meat from your favourite local bookstore. My suggestions for the Toronto area are This Ain’t the Rosedale Library, Pages Books, the Toronto Women’s Bookstore and The U of T Bookstore.

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