InterAccess: Warning Signs – First Fiction

Tornado, Windsor, OntarioInterAccess commissioned a work of short fiction from me to accompany their upcoming exhibition: Lightweight.

The exhibition will feature Toronto artists Marcia Huyer and Tomasz Smereka. An adjunct exhibition with the 11th annual Subtle Technologies Festival, Lightweight uses the festival’s theme of “Light” in an unconventional, quirky and light-hearted way.

Interpreting “Light” as in levity, this playful exhibition features artists who work with inflatable structures and objects. Huyer’s installation—white, immersive and welcoming, contrast and play off of Smereka’s black, minimalist and haunting sculptural works.

My short story, Warning Signs, edited by Michael Bryson, will be included in the brochures published to accompany the exhibition. Who doesn’t love a good weather warning—”the beeps and deep male voices that name off affected counties like unfaithful wives…”


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