Torontoist & Animal Effigy

Torontoist‘s Stacey May Fowles on Animal Effigy:

“Poetic talent Dani Couture (Good Meat) has embarked on a fun and thoughtful new project called Animal Effigy, where she (and the occasional guest photographer) ‘tracks urban prey.”‘ The concept is simple yet endlessly amusing—the site is Couture’s attempt to “document the unnatural world” via shots of the animal reproductions the city has to offer. Whether it’s the CN Tower’s Woodpecker, or Robarts’ Peacock, the site is an interesting commentary on our urban approach to the natural world. Says Couture: ‘While we have physically distanced ourselves from the flora and fauna that make up our Canadian psyche, our cities are populated with thousands of animal effigies. We’ve razed the earth, yet we repopulate it with animal effigies. It seems that we wish to bring nature—muted and defanged—back to us.'”