Nuit TTC

When I’m on a subway platform in Toronto, I always navigate past the bodies, bags, and buggies until I’m close enough to read the news on the flat screen monitors. If I wore my glasses, I could stand further away. Instead, I’m posted below the screen, head cocked up, staring.

4:37 pm. 18°. Dump truck crashes into condo. Ad for House of Lords. Conservatives heading for a majority: Poll. 4:38 pm.

On October 4, 2008, from 6:52 pm to sunrise, poetry will be all the information I need.

Commuter artist enabler, Sharon Switzer of Art4Commuters, arranged for the work of four poets to be interpreted into animation videos, which will be shown for the duration of Nuit Blanche.

Poets: Dani Couture, Karen Solie, Souvankham Thammavongsa, Sherwin Tija.
Artists: Kat Burns, Nick Fox-Gieg, Joe Pascale, Felipe Siem.

I had the pleasure of working with animator Joe Pascale. Joe turned two of my poems–Lessons Learned in the County and Atonement–into strange and lovely animations.

So, October 4: look up.