On the End of the 2010 Olympics…

…I’m reminded of Jacob McArthur Mooney‘s Globe and Mail post from the fall.

Mooney on the IFOA, poetry, and the Olympics:

“I feel a bit like an Olympic speed skater the day after the Olympics. The sun has shone on me and my kind for a couple of weeks, I’ve shared some of the attention given to more famous participants (for the Olympics, Sidney Crosby, for the IFOA, Orhan Pamuk), but now I go back to my dark practice rink and focus my attentions on the time in between. The time when nobody cares about speed skating, save for my fellow speed skaters and a hub of diehard fans. You want to say to those who came, heard you read, bought your book and said nice things, ‘You know, we do this stuff all the time, right? We don’t all go into cold storage the other 50 weeks of the year.'”

The original post, in its entirety, can be found here.