I’m excited to say that my first novel will be coming out with the great folks at Invisible Publishing in fall 2011.


A year after watching his brother go through the ice, twelve-year old Ferd refuses to believe Leo is gone. Convinced his brother is still alive, Ferd enters into a campaign of letters to persuade his brother to come home, mailing notes in any pool of water he can find. Soon, sopping notes begin to appear around the house folded squares of paper in the rain reservoir, kitchen sink, and washing machine. Ferd’s mother, Algoma, finds the letters and keeps them to herself in an attempt to hide them from her increasingly distant husband. Gaetan, a bartender who obsessively records the weather, rejects his family’s increasingly erratic behaviour and disappears one night leaving behind his weather journal, a newly pregnant wife, and a son consumed with talking to the dead.

Now, I encourage you to go out and buy their entire front and back lists. No, really. Do it. You’ll like it.

If you’re looking for one to start with, I encourage you to pick up the lovely Stacey May Fowles’ Fear of Fighting.