The Fine Art of Basking

Illustration by Julie McLaughlin for National Post
This summer, I was asked to participate in a collaborative story with a gaggle of wonderful Canadian writers (Steven Heighton, Kate Pullinger, D. W. Wilson, Brian Francis, Marina Endicott, Kevin Chong, Tristan Hughes, Johanna Skibsrud, Linwood Barclay, and Helen Humphreys). The end result is now up on the National Post’s website and in today’s Post.

NP Books Editor, Mark Medley, on the piece, which you can read here:

This summer saw the publication of No Rest For The Dead, a crime novel with an unusual twist: Authorship was shared by 26 different writers. Around the same time it was released, we were in the midst of planning our own Summer Fiction issue, so when the book came across our desk we decided to ask some of Canada’s literary luminaries to team up for a similar experiment, albeit on a much smaller scale — a short story. The only thing we provided was a sentence (“He’d/She’d always hated the summer”), which was promptly ignored, though it does in fact appear in a slightly altered form. The story began with Steven Heighton, who passed it on to the next writer, and so on, until all 11 writers had contributed a section. We hope you enjoy The Fine Art of Basking (the title was suggested by Kate Pullinger) as much as we do.

The piece also includes some great author illustrations by Julie McLaughlin.