The real new year

August falls into September and the real new year begins. At least for me.


YAW was reviewed by Jonathan Ball in the Winnipeg Free Press.

Links to other reviews can be found here.

THIS Magazine

September is my two-year anniversary acquiring poetry and fiction for THIS Magazine. It’s been a ride.

This summer, we launched our inaugural summer reading issue with new work by Alice Burdick, Tony Burgess, Sarah Burgoyne, Aisha Sasha John, Jeff Latosik, and David Seymour. Expect another summer reading issue in 2015…

Yesterday brought some good news into the This sphere. We’re thrilled about the inclusion of Nancy Jo Cullen’s short story “Hashtag Maggie Vandermeer” in this year’s Journey Prize Anthology. Her piece was included in the November/December 2013 issue. Hearty congrats, Nancy Jo!

Back issues can be ordered through This Magazine.

Readings & Events

October 1
Pivot Reading Series, Toronto, Ontario

October (details to come)
Lake Ontario WaterKeeper Summit, St. John, New Brunswick


The Couture family fishing season came to a soft close this past weekend with a generous haul of pickerel and perch. Lake Erie giveth.

Cousin-in-law, me, dad, pickerel.