Good Meat [poetry, 2006]

Good Meat is a collection of mostly observational poems that revolve around food more specifically, the varying complex relationships we have with the things we eat. In these poems, food feeds both disease and celebration, sometimes in the same breath. Whether we are eating out of necessity or pure desire, these poems have something to say about our most internal and often inexplicable impulses.

“It is easy to borrow Couture’s own words to describe hers: honed, pared, exactly cut. Her sensory, often simple, language is kept tidy with meticulous line breaks and punctuation. It’s rich with suggestion and sound play…”

“Couture’s…poems are precise, taut with meaning, and quietly filled with curiosities of fact and phrase…”

Books in Canada

On Midnight Grocery (chapbook, 2004):

“There is no need to linger on the poems; they are all immediately satisfactory…Even though much has changed in contemporary Canadian poetry since 2004, Couture’s voice still holds itself aloft in this chapbook by having a relatable quality.”

Terry Abrahams, Platypus Press



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