Listen Before Transmit [poetry, 2018]

Listen Before Transmit, Dani Couture

Forthcoming from Wolsak & Wynn. Spring 2018.

“Equal parts generous and curious, Dani Couture’s Listen Before Transmit is born from the tender space where history ends and the future begins. These beautifully crafted poems place hunger and joy beneath a microscope, attuning the reader to what is magnified there. “Who were you when you understood the sun / was simply a star?,” the poet asks. “That you, in part, were made / of collapse.” Listen Before Transmit opens the skies for us, demanding we ask more from the science fictive statics our bodies swim inside. Imagine the stars looking down at us when we look up at them: in this intimate and daring book, they do.”

– Jessica Rae Bergamino, author of The Desiring Object or Voyager Two Explains to the Gathering of Stars How She Came to Glow Among Them (Sundress Publications) and Unmanned (forthcoming from Noemi Press).