Poems: Online

In no particular order, a selection of poems, past and present, that can be read online.

You Wore Out Your Welcome With Radiant Ability, Boston Review

This is Gravity, Anstruther Press (originally published in Ambit)

What He Ate Did Not So Much Relieve His Hunger, The Awl 

Report on the Bright Spots on Ceres and Fly-By, The Rusty Toque

I Come Around with Appetite to Parties, The Awl

Transit of Mercury, The Puritan

Interview with the County Reporter, The Week Shall Inherit the Verse.

Salvage, The Walrus

Prototype, New Poetry 

A Brief History, Plenitude Magazine

Corrections, Hazlitt

Report on the Status of Raccoons on Fern Avenue, Taddle Creek

Red Crown and KIC 4862656, Lemon Hound

Watched by the Drone, Forget Magazine

Union Station, University of Toronto Libraries RPO

The Threat of the Comfort Inn, Taddle Creek

Carp, Vehicule Press Blog